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We promote all styles of archery: Longbow, Barebow, Recurve and Compound.

Archers of all ages and abilities are welcome to join, from the age of seven upwards, and our experienced coaches are available not only to teach beginners but also to help and advise the experienced archer to become more proficient in this unique sport. Archery is an activity that can be enjoyed by participants of all ages, individuals and families alike, whether you shoot for pleasure or wish to enter tournaments.

Our very popular beginners' courses run regularly throughout the year.

Registered (GNAS) members are always welcome to come along and enjoy a shoot at the club, winter or summer - (range fees are applicable).

The club is run by a group of friendly and enthusiastic members who mostly shoot Target Archery, although several members also enter Field Archery events. The club was formed in 1991 and archery was one of the first sports to take place in the new Leisure Centre. The club has introduced literally hundreds of people to archery since it was formed, and a large number have continued to shoot and have excelled in the sport. New members of all ages are always welcome and we organise many "Have-A-Go" sessions for groups from the surrounding area. Various social events are also arranged during the course of the year.

Our members enjoy aiming for the highest shooting standards and abilities and one of our members shot with Team GB representing Great Britain during the Commonwealth Games. In addition other members have represented Dyfed in the inter-counties competitions, some setting new County and National Records.



Club membership detail to follow shortly...


New Members

As a club member you will always find a friendly helping hand from our coaches and experienced archers as you improve and develop your skills. The aims of our club are to promote and enjoy this friendly unique sport, whether you shoot for pleasure or wish to enter competitions.

On completion of the course we encourage new members to participate in the FITA Feathers Programme, an entry level programme designed to motivate all new archers. Once a new archer has gained a first award, they can further develop at their own pace to enjoy archery for pleasure, or for the more ambitious, to take part in the many tournaments held by our own club, neighbouring clubs and on a county level or nationally. The sky's the limit!!



Venues and Shooting Times

Indoors (October to March)

During the winter months we hold our archery club meetings in the main hall of the Newcastle Emlyn Leisure Centre on the following days and times.
Sundays: 1pm - 4pm
Fridays: 7pm - 10pm

Outdoors (April to September)

During the summer months we meet at an outside location.
Sundays: 9.45am - 1pm
Fridays: 6.45pm until dusk



The Castle Archers is run by volunteers who have a passion for archery. Below is a small overview of the club officals


Rei Kalmaru - Chairman

An active member of the club since 2001, Rei shoots Barebow and takes part in many competitions, currently the Welsh Outdoor Barebow Champion, holder of the County Record for the York and recently setting a new County Record for the Hereford. A level 2 coach, enjoys coaching and helping other archers to achieve better results. Rei is also manager and coach of the Dyfed Squad.

Mike Richardson - Vice Chairman

Mike has been shooting recurve since 2001, joining his first club when living in Kent. He joined The Castle Archers in 2010. He had gained a reputation for shooting "Robin Hoods", including two in one evening (three in the week) in Dec 2012 - an expensive habit which he seems to have since given up

Currently Vacant - Secretary

Dave Evans - Treasurer

Taking up Archery in 1998, shooting recurve and joining Castle Archers in 2008, Dave works tirelessly and enthusiastically in our organisation. Always eager and willing to help the club and its members, he is a leader in organising and running events, not only for our club, but also on county and national levels. A recurve archer, Dave also enjoys shooting Compound after recently taking up the style.

Dave Evans - Membership Secretary

Jill Perry - Tournament Officer

Jaime Barber - Webmaster

Sion Brackenbury - Fund Raising Officer

Archery GB

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