The Castle Archers Winter Challenge 2017

Sunday 22nd of October 2017 at 13:00

Location: Newcastle Emlyn
3 hours


Welcome to Winter, now we are back indoors let’s have some fun!
This challenge takes you right through until spring.

To Enter:
Get a team of 3 or more, give yourselves a name, and team colours or uniform if you like! It is £15 a team, if one of you can’t make it then 3 will do. You can have a reserve archer, you must register your team, their individual names, and the club they are from.

There will also be an individual challenge. To enter is £5 but you must also be in a team. Your individual score will be used in the same way as the team scoring to accumulate points.

There will be one shoot a month. The schedule is below so book your days now. You will still pay your Range Fee, which is £3.

It is not just straight serious shooting, this will challenge you mentally 😊 and will be lots of fun, and prizes to be won…

Each team’s top 3 scores are added together, and the scores gain points which accumulate through the winter. The team with the most points wins.
1st – 10 points
2nd – 9 points
3rd – 8 points
4th – 7 points
5th – 6 points
6th – 5 points
7th – 4 points
8th – 3 points
9th – 2 points
10th – 1 point


October 22nd – Darts Tournament
November 19th – Bray II (Fancy Dress)
December 10th – Around the World
January 28th – Vegas (wear your hair wild)
February 11th – Switch It!
March 11th – Royal Worcester (Dress to dine with Royalty)

Entry forms are on the website as usual.

As you can see the normal rounds have a bit added, do your best to take part and have fun, there will be a prize for the best one 😊

Download (179.17 Kb PDF File)



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