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Bow tuning guide by Easton - This tuning and maintenance guide is your best friend when it comes to keeping your bow in peak condition. Ensure that you're hitting the target based on your form and not on the state of your gear. This tuning guide covers specific instructions for all kinds of gear including recurve bows using finger release, compound bows with finger release and compound bows using a release aid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a "Have-a-go' ?
A. A safe shoot organised by our members for the general public to try their skills at the sport of archery. Usually held at village events, etc.

Q. What do the initials FITA stand for?
A. FITA is now World Archery (WA) Check it out with Wikipedia - visit website

Q. What is GNAS ?
A. The initials stand for Grand National Archery Society. More info ? (click here)

Q. What is a "Robin Hood" ?
A. When a previous arrow (arrow A) shot into the target is then struck on the nock end by another arrow (arrow B) which then drives itself inside the shaft of arrow A.



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